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Established in 1989, Yothaka International Co., Ltd. pioneered the use of water hyacinth in Thai furniture manufacturing, and has produced a wide range of designer furnishings catered to the middle upper class lifestyle. Beside its extensive range of fine, handcrafted water hyacinth furniture, leather cord furniture, out door furniture make from polyethylene and fabric tape (polyester), the company also creates a wide range of handmade home accessories such as trays, basketry, mirrors, etc.

Yothaka distinguishes itself through its creativity and dynamism, regularly restructuring its collections and constantly designing new models every year. Today, Yothaka offers a large collection of in-house designer furniture and accessories, providing lifestyle concept with unique Asian characteristics mixed with modern design concepts, and created with the most eco-friendly materials.

00 lunar-blwh.jpg

LUNAR Armchair

black & white PE.

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